Ram ProMaster City dabbles in the electronic music scene

If you enjoy automotive commercials that are almost barely about the vehicle, then you'll love the latest from Ram Trucks.

We're just kidding, Ram Trucks. In any case, to show the real-world capability of this hipper, trendier commercial van in the lineup, the 2015 Ram ProMaster City, the company paired one of its fully equipped models with EMRGE Supply Co., a producer of clothing and lifestyle merchandise that ties in to a love of the electronic music scene. It's a small but burgeoning company, and they usually take multiple cars to can event with stuff basically hanging out of the windows. Even for this small business, the guys from EMRGE really appreciated the spaciousness, small-car feel and cargo versatility of the ProMaster City.

Watch this urban-friendly cargo van meet all the needs of these three active entrepreneurs in the clip below, and then stop by the showroom here at Anchorage Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Center to see which of our many commercial models will half your business succeed.

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